Tuesday 22 February 2011


I've been pondering my next post. I have lots of recipe ideas, knitting news, playful things I've been up to and more Introducing goodness. What struck me today as I looked at images I'd captured to illustrate these posts with, was a sense of ritual. I'll explain.....

I'm on school break which is just as well because I've been flondering with myself lately and I don't know why. I've been particularly lost as I've NOT been following my usual rituals. Normally I'd get up, make strong coffee, put on some jazz and cook up some eggs or something while I catch up on Ravelry. I'd then knit before realising I'd lost half the day and disappear off to do something domestic or find an adventure. I've not been doing this. I know that I've been doing things but I can't put my finger of what that is right now. 

Today however, I've found my groove. I woke, stretched contentedly and arranged some meet ups later. Then I basked in tea, leftover breakfast muffins and took a bath with a book. (I'm currently reading 'The Concubine', jury's still out but historic fiction is my trashy read of choice so I'll let it pass). I realised I need these little rituals to settle me down before I wander off and find something shiny. Without them, I get quite lost and antsy. 

So I've set myself up for a ritualistic day: the washing machine is slowly winding down and I've got podcasts keeping me company (Never not Knitting is still my favourite but I'm saving the last episode, how sad am I?). As you can see I've hollowed out a knit spot with some baked goods and I fuelled on hummus and veggies. For godsake no one tell the man beast though- I pouted that we ALWAYS have hummus and I wanted a new dip but I'm secretly revelling in the hummus today. I must make some Avocado hummus again soon. 

Yes the recipes will follow and I will have knitting news that involves lace success (ish) but today I'm celebrating rituals, like a recurring cup. Have you noticed it?


ImplausibleYarn said...

You french press coffee? I french press coffee! You have a cup? I have one too! You sometimes loose your groove? I sometimes loose mine as well! I feel I understand exactly what you mean!

A Playful Day said...

We have a very weird symmetry most of the time don't we? (eyeballs you from across the pond), are you my long lost cousin?