Sunday 27 February 2011


Hello all

I've been living very much in the spirit of this blog: playing. Cheered by my new knit spot I decided to venture even further afield and the man beast and I went on a day of finding a new 'place'. Do you have that? Like a place you ALWAYS go with your partner or friend? We had one. Oh wow, I miss it so bad and since moving here we've not found THE place. 

So I packed up my knitting, he packed up his work for the day and we started in a place just round the corner. It started off promising, I was enjoying the space: light, airy and full of interesting things to look at. I settled into more lace work and the man beast and I felt cheered. 
Then the coffee came. It was good, don't get me wrong but LOOK at this cup? I like my favourite mug for a good reason: it has a pleasing shape and I can insert my index finger through the handle and 'hug' it with both hands. I could not get my finger through this and I started to grow uncertain about too much radical change. The java gods were angry, I'd messed with what was right and perfectly good at home. Nervously, I knittted on and wondered whether being a creature of habit might not be such a bad idea after all. I mean, bad mugs? What's next? Too thin glassware ::shudders::

Then breakfast came; I was expecting the breakfast of champions. It was, inspid. One of my favourite songs is 'How do you like your eggs?'. NOT LIKE THIS.
We moved onto a less well lit space that had good cups. See? I can get my finger in there. I toottled home to watch Twlight (I have no shame, I'm 29 almost 30 and I heart teen vamp flicks, you're not the boss of me). Man beast came in an hour later with this

It's a Hazlenut Caramel cheescake from Ottolenghi's. Who I've just realised have a blog. HELLO!

So how did I finish off this exploration? Why bowling and dancing and hula hooping at The Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. It was so playful. Firstly they have a big tribute to Mad Men with a big Sterling Cooper business card for Donald Draper on the walls. I immediately knew that me and this venue were going to be great friends. Then it's all jazz, funk and hip hop on the dance floor. You can grab a booth and grab a slice while drinking beer and then drunkenly play bowling or sing into the early hours. I was very taken with the shoes....!!!

Hope you all had lovely weekends too.

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ImplausibleYarn said...

See this is why whenever you buy cups they need to pass a few tests. One of them is the "how it feels in your hand" test. I would love a funky disco bowling place. Or at least the option of one. The whole town around here just rolls up its carpets at about 5pm.