Thursday 10 February 2011

Will it ever get light?

It's so dark today. It's pouring with rain and from where I sit, I can see the people opposite with the adorable spaniel scurrying around under a big umbrella. Nothing bothers that dog, it is possibly one of the happiest creatures ever. I remember when O.T.L. was that excitable just to be by your side. He stills get excitable but in a more weary 'I'm-feeling-old-now' kind of way.

You'll note I'm back on the coffee. I feel this lethargy is turning round today. I plan to make soup and gourmet macaroni cheese (farmer's market cheese- WIN). I've been lost to blogland and knitting this week. It feels good to be honest. I remembered why I started blogging in the first place. I needed a space to push my creativity. I love photography but sometimes feel lacklustre about what to photograph but reading blogs always gets me thinking again. I love this idea from 'I should be Folding Laundry's' Blog. I might hover around today as Thursday is the I capture challenge day and give it a try. 

I've particularly enjoyed rediscovering old blogs I've not read for age, as well as finding news ones. It struck me that I often feel I have to blog SOMETHING INTERESTING when actually what I love and find most interesting in other people's blogs is the everyday. I love that, it's what inspired me in the first place. Pictures that made me smile. 

In fact I generally realised I don't use my camera enough. I have plans for today ande I'll be sure to be snapping along the way: phone my mum, finally order those dance clothes I've been promising myself, knit some more of the shawl that scares me (the one on the left not the stunning Cedar Leaf on the right in the pics below) and cook soup and Mac. It doesn't sound like much but it's a lot when you've had zero energy. I've not left the house since Monday and it's.......... woah, Thursday. Ok I also need to put welly boots on and leave the house this afternoon. There's some good puddles out there now too.

I've also enjoyed some Britishness. Chemicalika's blog in particular. Her blogs chat about the 3 most talked about subjects for the average Brit girl: the weather, colds and flu and wine (or being drunk). She's witty too but don't indulge her with this 'lace is so fast' thing she states. Really. It's all lies and she's just showing off.  

Here's my day so far:
2 people's breakfast debris- he once gave a monalogue about the frustration that his mother NEVER rinsed her oatmeal pan. I'm looking at the bowl from his Muesli and smirking.
Oh how you haunt me
Unpacked atlast- I missed you!

They're keeping me company today

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