Come play with me

Well it's no secret, I like to share. I love giveaways, reviews and spoiling the people around me that have helped make this such a playful experience. I also attend events, write guest posts and like to collaborate from time to time. 

How can you play? Well, there's lots of ways:
  • I am interested in working with you- I am a writer, editor and PR freelancer and would be happy to talk about making this work if we can. Please see the 'About Me' page for more details or drop me an email.
  • I would like to donate a prize/ review item-  Please get in touch via email and I can share the review guidelines with you and arrange this in a way that suits us both.
  • I would be interested in sponsoring the blog or podcast-  I have a price list and lots of options for this. For more information, use the email address listed on my contacts page. 
  • I would like to make a donation-  These are always gratefully received and go towards postage and packaging of giveaways, tickets for shows I record from, travel costs etc. Please use the Paypal donate button on the blog's homepage.
  • I have something I would like to send you that you might find interesting-  From time to time people like to donate items and I am always grateful for this. It can be for me to chat about on the show/ blog or just a token of thanks. Again, use the email address on the contacts list to get in touch. 
  • I have feedback I would like to give you-  All feedback helps me develop and keep things playful. For podcast feedback you can leave reviews on itunes or email me directly. For blog feedback, please use the email option rather than comments as these sometimes get lost with lots of entries for giveaways etc. 
  • I would like to invite you to write a piece/ collaborate on a project-  I'm happy to do this so please use my email contacts to start the ball rolling. 
  • I would like to interview you for my blog/podcast/magazine etc-  I'm a rotten liar when asked personal questions but would be happy to!
  • I have an idea for another playful event you might like to be involved in-  Please use the email for the blog and I'll see what I can do.

Direct link to contact page