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  • I won a prize!!!! Now what? Get in touch via email and let me know your contact details so I can get things to you asap. Please include: Your full name, postal address, Ravelry ID and preferred email address for contact.
  • I can't leave a comment on the blog. You can get in contact in lots of other ways, please see the Contacts page for details. 
  • Can I have a button to link to you? Yes and there's the html code under the example button on the sidebar of the home page.                     
  • If I link to you, can I use your name? I would prefer you to use the Aplayfulday title or my Ravelry ID
  • Why don't you like people using your real name? This is a playful place and some degree of anonymity makes it easier for me to be playful and protect myself, friends and loved ones from those who would be less than playful. I ask that you respect that and if that changes in the future, I will let you know. 
  • Can I link to you/ use your material? It is important that you give credit and let me know when you have. All work on this site and podcast material is protected by the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license unless stated otherwise. e.g. content from other pages etc.