Saturday 25 September 2010

You'd invite me..... right?

I was walking back from a meet up with my knit girls today, back across the harbour and docks, looking up a stunning sunset. I was thinking I was satifisfied with my luck in life when I sniffed.... what was THAT???? I smell barbeque food????

The source of the smell was from a party on the dock for the houseboats that moor opposite my house. I've always loved to look out on them, admire their pretty flowers and pet their pooches when they brave crossing across to our side. Until today that is.

I feel left out! They had gazebos, food and beers. They were all looking so rustic in their scarves and stripy tops. I MUST make friends with them before the next party. My housemate informs me that this is a fairly regular event and no, he has never befriended them so we can't crash today (there may be reasons for this but in the interests of a harmonious household I won't comment on my housemate's social calender).

I am now working out how to infiltrate them. Given my lack of boat, this could prove tricky I'm guessing.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Update on the knitting funk

I've had the strangest few weeks with knitting. First, there was the knitting funk- I just couldn't get anything done. I was working on a gift that I wasn't enjoying- a recycled linen basket liner. The giftee was so sweet, very eco warrior so I enjoyed sourcing just the right materials for her practical home gift. I can honestly say, I cannot work with linen. I am a tight knitter and it nearly broke my wrists, I just didn't enjoy knitting for the first time ever.

So I went out and played, moved, socialised and generally left knitting to one side. Then I noticed I was craving makes: listening to podcasts, buying yarn (oops) and daydreaming about Autumn snuggles. Slowly but surely, knitting has crept back in and now all I want to do is knit. I've been sick too so I can't bring myself to even think about leaving the house when I could stay in and knit on the balcony.

Despite this renewed passion, I'm making limited progress. I seem to have forgotten how to knit! My sock, the lovely
Kimono Sock, (Knitscene, Fall 2008) has been an interesting project. It should be simple and yet I've ripped out twice and then at the weekend realised I had started knitting the gusset inside out?!? It was something I did when I very first learned to knit- knit from the back needles rather than the front. So there's a lot of tinking going on there. Luckily though I'm making it in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Superwash which is sport so it's knitting up a lot faster in my stupidly tight gauge.

Then there's the gorgeous
Haruni in the magical Wollmeise sockenwolle 80/20 in Spice Market. It is simply stunning. I was not at all convinced by the hype around WM when I first cast on; it felt like cotton. I mean, with all that hype I was expecting little cherubs to run round and dance as I knit with it. Yet as I worked the fabric further, I understood. The stitch definition is as incredible as the colours and the fabric just softens and softens the more you work with it. I've gone for a solid body and lace edge for this Haruni as I'm not really a lacy lace girl. Ofcourse, due to the funk and being feverish from flu I've basically knit the same 4 rows 6 times over. I am sure glad for life lines!

More news on casting off and on soon hopefully!

Monday 20 September 2010

Mission: 101 in 1001

My friend, Amber (already mentioned here, love her) has set this up. I'm curious. Very curious. When I'm sat in bed really sick it all seems pretty cool. I won't write it yet though.

Today is full of daydreams. Daydreams and feverish sleep. I just talked to my shoe

Friday 17 September 2010

A Nina Simone Morning

Good morning all. I'm sat in a sun spot of the new house, coffee and toasted bacon and egg sarnies with Nina telling me I know how she feels. Yes I do Nina: Gooooood, right?

So why is this morning so much better than many good mornings I've had recently? Well first of all Autumn has truly hit. This morning is cold, bed socks cold but crisp sunshine makes it ok. As does the excitement of a new knitting season and great photography weather. Then there is the delicious fact that I was woken this morning by the postman bringing a package from a great new friend, Karen. Karen is a stunning knitter, a very talented and playful lady. We got chatting on Ravelry, bonding over knits and yarns and then we knew we just had to start swapping. So this morning I played with my Haruni shawl, drank coffee out of the yummy mug she sent me while wearing the expertly knit hat from the package. What a great start.

See, I've had lots of generosity lately and this post is to celebrate the joy opf playful friends. First there was Jess, a real doll. Jess is the cutest little goth, she does dark in the sweetest way and loves life with beautiful cynicism. Jess sent me a necklace. The necklace is draped over a skein of September yarn, dyed by PJ, my long lost twin. I adored PJ from the minute we struck up a friendship. The feeling is wholeheartedly returned and the only sadness is her living in the US- why so far away? Even better, Amber sent me the skein as part of a swap package. Amber is another long lost relative I'm sure of it: how else can you explain our mutual love of all things quirky and rebellious? She is a truly hilarious lady and I feel that if ever PJ, Amber and I were in the same room, the world would combust. Really.

These girls are one of the many reasons I am beaming this morning. I am very lucky to know them. Each brings me so much happiness, not just because of yarn and pressies but I genuinely enjoy every time I hear from them. Each lady has a great story and I can't wait to hear from them again.
Finally, my sister found me this. Any ideas?

Yup. She found a wee rock, that looks like her Pacman owls I mentioned in this blog post. Isn't she clever? So not only am I blessed with friends but also a kickass sister who I have been lucky enough to watch grow into a beautiful, clever and kind woman who I know is destined for a great life. I feel pangs just thinking about how many more times I get to be proud of her. But don't tell her..... she'll tease me for it. As sisters do.

Wow, there's a lotta love for sisterhood in this here post today huh? Ah well. Play on ladies (and gents ofcourse)!

Saturday 4 September 2010

Weekends are for giving

This morning I awoke content and feline- I’ve moved and it’s been a massive change. I have Einaudi playing and from my snuggle spot I can see the leaves turning, heralding the start of a new knitting season. I’ll wax lyrical about the houseboats near my house and rant about the crazy suits I have to navigate past in another entry but today, my mind is turning to lunch.

Having moved, I have found myself catching up with friends, dotting here and there and eating out a lot. Plus there’s a new man cub and that always means plenty of eating out (there may be more on that later but let’s not jinx it). So I find myself this morning daydreaming of my favourite lunches and longing for indulgent autumnal treats of comfort food eaten under a light blanket with hand knit socks keeping my toes warm. I thought I’d share one of my favourites.

Twice Baked Tatties


Baking potatoes(King Edwards or Rooster are my favs)

Bacon pre-grilled and cut into chunks

Strong cheddar or parmesan grated. Go by preference here, I load it on so two handfuls suits me.

Cream cheese (again I like to be decadent so I get the kind with garlic and herbs thrown in the mix)

To make:

1. Roast your potatoes on a medium heat (180⁰/ gas mark 4) for an hour and a half approx. I like to scrub mine with a brush to make the skin a bit ‘fluffier’ so it crisps and rub in a little sea salt to make the skin tough but again, go with preference.

2. In the mean time get a large bowl and throw in your cream cheese (I’m not giving amounts, assume gluttony), bacon and a little of the grated cheese for funnsies.

3. Check your potatoes are soft all the way through by inserting a knife through the centre. There should be no resistance other than a crispy skin.

4. Remove from oven and leave till they are as cool as you can handle ( assume I’m impatient and burn my hands a lot). Cut them in half and using a spoon, scoop out the insides into the bowl with the bacon and yummy stuff until you are left with ‘shells’.

5. Mix, mash and generally enjoy making a feast of a mix that is then spooned back into the shells. Load up with your grated cheese and pop back in the oven for about 30 minutes or so.

I substitute anything to this formula. If I’m having a meat free day, gorgonzola and spinach is divine. Enjoy!