Saturday 12 February 2011

Cold turning to warm


I thought a lot about this week's theme of cold. I looked at endless snow pics and thought about the fact we've had a reprieve from the blinding cold here in London. So I turned my attention to finjally feeling warm, that atlast, knitted gloves is almost enough to stop the cold biting at your hands (almost):

Or staying inside and keeping warm, which is pretty much all I've done this week:

Then today we ducked into the Worker's Cafe on the Holloway Road and had a good plate of grease that sticks to your ribs and warms you up. I hasten to add this was not MY plate! There is something so ritualistic about a good greasy spoon off the beaten track on a cold day and ordering a cup of tea and eggs to warm up.

I briefly flitted through a story of the thing that makes me feel colder than anything else ever has. I started the photos and then coudn't bring myself to write down cold words like barren and how cold hospital floors are on bare toes. Maybe another time. Not today. Not today.


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Amber said...

I love your photography. Your pictures tell a story without you needing to.

Unknown said...

Love the photos! You add to your story with your pics quite nicely!