Friday 29 October 2010

Slam dunk the funk

I did it. Yes. Yes I did.

I beat the funk

Don't believe me? How's this for proof?I did that. I made a Haruni all by myself. Ok, that's technically a lie as I needed someone to save me when I ran out of Wollmeise in Spice Market, someone to cheer me on when I was crying because I couldn't fix the broken row (thanks to the many shoulders I cried on that week) and a lovely knit buddy to help me block it when I was frightened I would die from a pin overdose death.

I love it, so, so, much.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Knit??? KNIT???? Oh yes, I did!

Atlast the knitting funk is over. I feel I should skip and dance for sheer joy- I have finished projects, new yarn and cast ons! Yes. Yes. I. Do.

In the finished pile we have a gift knit.... that I can't reveal but I did finish something super quick I swear! To make it I used
Artesano Aran. This yarn has some pretty colours and once you get working with it, is decidedly less itchy than it first appears. I just have this aversion to alpaca when I first touch it. I get all itchy and sneezy. So this isn't horrendous but I probably won't choose it again.

I finished the Kimono Socks. If anyone knows the trick for photographing socks, please let me know. I always have a temper tantrum each time.

Anyway, these are in Brown Sheep's Sport weight sock yarn which I really enjoyed working with. I was a little worried about the wool, as I can be quite allergic but these are yummy. So much so I may actually bag them for Christmas gifts if I can part with them....

The Haruni just needs casting off and I'm awaiting a scrap from a lovely Raveller who took pity on me when I whimpered that I may not have enough for the cast off. I'm so excited about this shawl, I can't wait to get it finished.

And in other news, I got this.

You may drool now.


Friday 22 October 2010

Things I've been mulling over

So I've not blogged for a while but I have been mentally blogging- does anyone else do that?

I thought I'd share some random thoughts to keep things ticking over. I am being VERY playful at the moment but haven't uploaded any pics off my camera until then. Forgive me, and accept this humble offering in the meantime.

1. Dye your hair
It's a season change and I read somewhere that in their entire lives, women average 3 hair colours. So if we count the colour we're born with and grey? That's one dye job. Hello? Life's too short. Play with your palette.

For the record I just went purple!

2. Find a companion who enjoys you playing.
This doesn't have to be romantic (although this thought struck me when my beau was watching me knit) but find someone who just let's you be. All our friends, loved ones and partners should be like this but often we don't have time to be playful. Having someone who actively encourages you is very, very important.

3. Play fancy dress.
In the last month or two I've built a robot costume at a disco, dressed as a bedouin tribes woman and tried on cocktail dresses just for funsies with friends. I regret the day I lost my fairy wings somewhere in a move once; doing the washing up in wings and marigolds is so much fun. Next month I'm vintage shopping and hosting a Gaga party. Dressing up rocks!

4. Make time for your Mum
She makes the best scones. Well, mine does. Whoever is the best cook in your life- make time for them. Trust me on this.

And now for the best ponder?

5. Why do you always get a sudden hankering for chocolate when you don't have any OR any change in your wallet to get some?

Tuesday 12 October 2010