Sunday 1 August 2010

I shall call him Arty!

I meant to blog about Knitnation today, I did, I promise. However, I found this little fellow in the house that I am looking after in London and couldn't stop giggling. I mean, house sitting is all about sneak peeks behind the scene but this has to be my favourite moment- opening the kitchen cupboard to rummage for the right sized salad bowl and finding this little chap nodding at me.

I had to share!


urban muser said...

oh yes, he's too cute! definitely blog-worthy.

leila said...

I like his colours. So cute! Wonder who's his creator. He or she must have a wonderful sense of humour. Thanks for sharing!

A Playful Day said...

The lady whose house I was looking after is slightly scatty so I don't know why I was surprised to find this little creature in the crockery cupboard. It kind of suits her!!