Tuesday 24 August 2010

Tweet Tweet

So my recommendation for today has to be Eliza Doolittle. In particular, the gorgeousness that is Pack Up. Yes, we're bored of singers who use accents to sell their records by now but with a hook like this? Bliss. This is not another Winehouse clone and thank god, it's not another angry cockney. It's a girl, singing about life in a way that just makes you listen and think of great soul songs that remind you of summer.

Today I listened to the rest of the album and found myself feeling sickly sweet on the train platform and having to have a little boogie to myself. Something about this album makes you feel light as a feather and ready to dance on a platform where commuters look at you with fear and slight envy.

I say envy because I would be jealous if I was stood without my ipod while a girl kicks her feet and sings 'tweet tweet, tweet, tweet' while smiling to herself.

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