Saturday 31 July 2010

You get what you need

Today's title is, of course, in honour of the Stones who are currently blasting at me while I feel decadent and indulgent. You see, I awoke to rain today and grinned as I stretched in bed. This should be sad: rain, in Summer. Oh no reader, this day has been much needed after sticky hotsummer days that remind you of the fun you should be out there enjoying. Plus it meant I didn't have to water the garden- added bonus!

So today is about staying in, wearing new comfy pyjamas and doing First, I made a yarn pile from all the yarn I got at KnitNation yesterday (more on that later) and petted it. Sadly, most of this is destined for friends too far away for my liking but it's fun to play with all the same. Then I did what any self respecting layabout would do on such a rainy day: I boiled the kettle, found my book, something yummy and lost 2 hours........

The noise I'm making right now isn't far off purring.

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