Saturday 7 August 2010

Yawn...... and stretch

Breakfast is the best way to start a day. Breakfast can be anything: hot warm, quick, slow, indulgent and best of all? Taken to bed.

The best way to start a playful day is to do the following: in your zombie like state, start the coffee before going back to bed for a minute or two so you’re greeted by the waft of caffeine goodness. Boot up your laptop and cruise other blogs, emails, banter, flickr, last night’s pics. Just wait a while. Sipping the coffee you then pad your slippered feet to conjure up something simple and good (I opted for diary free cheese and marmite on toast and buttered potato farls this morning). Pad back to laptop, knitting bag and the afore mentioned vat of coffee and cruise here until the day has to be started in earnest.

Have a nice day everyone.

1 comment:

cobweb said...

oooh, potato farls! I need some now!