Monday 9 August 2010

Knitting Funk

I'm not quite sure how, but just as I find myself with time off, I've hit a knitting funk. I'm determined this week I will knit and finish something to get some mojo back. I mean it's not like I haven't been trying..... I did Knitnation and everything.

I never did report on that one did I? Well, I had so much fun meeting the yarn makers. I am not a class taker. I think I shall become one but having only been knitting just over a year, I'm learning enough right now from playing that I don't feel a need to go to classes. I'm sure once I launch into the terrifying world of steeking etc. I'll give it a whirl but for this girl, the marketplace was enough. Not that I was quite as thrilled as the Wollmeise groupies. God lord, watching them run to snatch up colours that were replenished just an hour later was quite alarming. I avoided the rush and pootled along later. Apparently, the Wollmeise had been preparing for 6 months to be super sure no one would be disappointed.

I mean, as if we could be with colours like this?

Then there was the lovely
Babylonglegs. Her yarns are dreamy, brilliantly priced and she herself is lovely. I was most amused that midtransaction she suddenly had 'a moment' and could only be rescued with tea with 4 spoons of sugar. That's the kind of emergency I approve of.

Then there was also
Kratfy Koala- a riot of colour and fun and the subtle but stunningly dyed Juno Fibre Arts. I had the chance to chat to Ysolda who looks as sweet in real life as in her blog. She is so, so lovely. I chatted happily till it occured to me that I was chatting to Y.S.O.L.D.A when someone asked for her autograph....!!! Then I got all stuttery and needed to go away and blush quietly.

All in all, the marketplace was cute and what I enjoyed more than the yarngasm was meeting the lovely yarnies. It makes their yarn even more special- it's made with love and passion for the craft. This yarn shall not remain stash for long, it must be just what I need to cure my knitting funk, surely?

Unfortunately I've done that thing I hate- collected and relegated stunning yarn to stash. Bah! The reason is I'm such a monogomous knitter. I generally have one project for home: something that either can't be easily transported or takes a bit more concentration than a bus would afford me. Then I have a second: a transporter for all occacsions. Both of my projects are currently boring me though. I have a supersecret present I'm making that involves recycled linen that is hurting my hands and a delicious Wollmeise shawl that is now at the kind of stitch count that makes me a little twitchy each time I get to the last 5 stitches and check how many I should have left. (If It's 4, expect lots of frustrated tinking and muttering). The temptation is to flee them both and fall into the warm embrace of some new and exotic fibre but I am a glutton for punishment and I'm determined to finish SOMETHING soon!
This could be a long month....... I'll report back is something gets finished.... or started?

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BabyLongLegs said...

You are lucky it was only a 4 sugar emergency ;)
Thats an ace pic of my yarn btw.....look at the detail and the colour and.....
Can I haz it back now??

S xXx