Monday 29 July 2013

Pink for a Non Pink Girl

Being a foodie family has its advantages when you have dietary requirements. Its tough to discover dairy is strictly off the menu for 2/3rds of the family but luckily I like a cooking challenge so I've been learning to cheat my way through mealtimes. 

The main issue has been getting enough good fat and calcium into our diets. Supplements help but that fat issue? Not to mention the sheer boredom of tomato based sauces. I yearn for white sauce or a creamy cheese topping.

So I was just feeling burnt out when I invited a friend over with her little lovely for lunch. I would scream if I saw another jacket potato and or non dairy pancake. I pondered. I hit an idea. 

First I rinsed some butter beans as they're creamier than chickpeas which are often used for dip. It was a start. 

Then came some garlic and a little red onion. I want to be clear here that 3 gluttonously fat cloves was a little hit too powerful to say the least. None of us sharing food that day were very 'sociable' after so perhaps just go for 2?

I added beetroot, white wine vinegar, a little tahini (check for allergies first as it's sesame based), rape seed and olive oil and then threw everything in the blender. 

The result was..... Pink?

Luckily it was also delicious served with salad in sandwiches and grated carrot and avocado for the babes. It was a definite hit with little miss and thanks to the low ratio of beet, she didn't dye her face an alarming shade of purple like she usually does when she eats them.

One more for the repertoire then!

Pink Dip:
2 smashed garlic cloves
1/3rd red onion, roughly chopped,
1 tin butter beans (no salt added or a cup of fired beans soaked overnight)
2 tbsp tahini
2 tablespoons oil (olive or rapeseed)
1 tsp white wine vinegar
1 precooked beetroot

Throw all ingredients in food processor and blend to preferred texture. Try adding different beans or some fresh herbs to mix it up a bit. 


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