Monday 25 February 2013


As one of life's great hermits I've always found big social occasions tricky. I like to meet people and enjoy company, when I'm in the mood for it. If not I can be awkward and either chat like crazy or seem off beat and distracted. I'm not the world's best group socialiser shall we say?

However, having a tiny baby makes you realise how vital adult company is. It's not that you don't like being curled into the intimate world of your little one, its more the boost your confidence gets from interacting with people. You find yourself doubting everything when left by yourself with a teeny baby and just 4 walls for moral support.

I think it's why I miss podcasting so much at the moment. There's a certain interaction that comes when you switch on a mic. It's quite amazing really. So this weekend I packed my mini mic and headed to Unravel, where I recorded last year.

However, having the previously mentioned teeny one strapped to my chest made me hyper aware how different this chaos was to the usual domestic quiet I tend to reside in. I loved seeing people but with each greeting I realised how far from 'back to myself' I was. I'm somewhat on hiatus while I pour everything into nurturing the Playful Baby. I'm evolving you might say.

So did I record? No. Not one bit.

I did however come back with goodies that I've piled next to some other things I've been wanting to chat about for a while. So for now let's just say I have lots to chat about. At some point.


lisa said...

I was exactly the same 30 years ago almost to the day. Trust yourself, your instincts and it is perfectly fine to be introvertish. I too dislike large gatherings. There is no one box to fit into. Enjoy each day with the playful baby. My babies are almost 30, 28, 26 and 18 and I have no idea where all that time went!

moleymakes said...

I'm a bit of an introvert but at the same time I found that spending all day with only the a baby or toddler for company can drive you potty at times.

It is important to seek adult conversation, if anything just to keep you sane! Have you tried a local mother and baby/toddler group. They can be invaluable at times.

Here's hoping you'll stay playful xx