Saturday 9 February 2013

Three Root Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and squeak is one of those dishes I have to consciously plan for. Traditionally it's the leftovers of your Sunday Roast, formed into a patty and served with egg and bacon. If you're really lucky you have leftover roast ham too so you can smugly serve that instead of bacon.

I'm not a leftovers girl, especially when it comes to roast potatoes. Cold roast potatoes are a secret pleasure that I simply adore and have no self control about. So if I am making the potato and vegetable mash, I have to plan to cook enough and set it aside in mash/ boiled potato form. This means we rarely eat Bubble and Squeak as I'm pretty lazy (read: gluttonous about leftovers).

So faced with a mountain of potatoes and carrots thanks to our vegetable box I hatched a two dinner plan. We would make three root mash of swede, carrot and potato and make Bubble and Squeak later in the week. Brilliant.

The mash is simple: peel and dice equal volumes of carrot, swede and potato. boil till soften and mash with some garlicky butter, salt and pepper. You can adjust the ratios to preference- I like a little more potato if I'm honest. So here is my version of Bubble and Squeak. Note I omitted the patty part as the swede in the mix makes this a wet mash.

Three Root Bubble and Squeak:

1 shallot, diced
1 tblsp butter
A generous dollop of three root mash
Rashers of bacon (I'll leave the amount to you)
1-2 eggs (again, let's not be too greedy/ stingy)


1. Sauté shallot in large pan in melted butter till the pieces become quite translucent.
2. Add mash and keep moving over high heat
3. Pop sauté pan with mash under the grill while you prepare the rest. This will keep it warm but also crisp the top a little.
4. Griddle rashers of bacon
5. Fry or poach eggs to preference.
6. Arrange as a stack on a warm plate and slather with brown sauce for extra gluttony!

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CelticCastOn said...

A combo I never would have thought of. Don't know if Moose would go for it but it looks good.
I must say I miss back bacon, streaky bacon just doesn't compare!