Wednesday 26 September 2012


Hello all

Yes, I am here. Waving, gently from beneath the rubble of our home and a duvet. Things sometimes take over in a way that you weren't expecting at all. Sometimes several things take over. In fact, sometimes so many things take over that you genuinely don't know what to do. 

That happened over the last week. 

I have plans, I have daydreams, I have things I want to share. I just can't right now due to several of these things that include lack of internet, a quiet place to record, the energy I need to set up pictures/ write shownotes etc. and then more serious things that are not playful so I don't really want to chat about here. The list seems endless. 

I'll be back. I promise. I just need to ride out this challenging time a little longer so I can be playful once more. After all, play is the esssence of this blog and podcast and the thing that makes me feel the most alive. A lack of it lately will need addressing and I can't wait to invite you to join in. 

Thanks x


Jennifer said...

Wishing you some playful time soon. Hope all is well. :)

moleymakes said...

Awww so sorry to hear that you're out of sorts. Moving is such a stressful time. Coupled with the latter stages of pregnancy, it's enough to send you running and hiding under the duvet.

Take your time, relax, chill ..... We'll be waiting for you and will be ready to hear more when you're up and running again.

Remember your motto. Stay Playful!

Ruby x

Eatsruns said...

I hope you're ok. Hugs xxx

Diane Donald said...

Sending good thoughts your way, and hoping all gets easier soon. Just be gentle with yourself and know that all your readers/listeners will be here with open arms when you return to playfulness.

Diane (Shekure on Rav)

Evelyn said...

Sometimes we all need to take a step back and get ourselves balanced again and it sounds like you have a fair amount of life's challenges at the moment. You're right -- your crafting, blogging, and podcasting is all about being playful so when you feel ready to play again, you know we'll all be here!

Miss Elle said...

Big hugs lovely. I understand the not feeling playful thing! Thats why I haven't podcasted for two months now. Two months! But things will settle and it will all flow naturally again. Lots of love xxx

Unknown said...

Hope all is well! Thinking of you! Can't wait to hear about those daydreams!