Friday 3 August 2012

Tweet Tweet

I don't think I've hidden my disdain for oversharing particularly well. I often throw my hands up in the air in frustration at 140 characters summarising a person's entire feelings, character or political opinion. I avoid facebook photo sharing of children and I don't particularly like airing my laundry in public. I just feel there's something to be said for more thought and physical interaction.

However, last summer I took part in efforts to clean up a city after a troubled summer thanks to Twitter. 

Last Christmas, thanks to social media, I collected a car full of goodies for the local Women's Aid Centre and they were able to have a pamper day that made them feel that somewhere out there, people cared how they felt and what had happened to them. 

And the last week, I realised I have some pretty great people that I've met and become friends with purely based on an internet personna. Yes, I could have met an axe murderer or whatever our fears tell us is on the other side of a computer screen. But then, it's not like I'm not replying to offers to reinstall my lost millions on a spam email, I'm chatting to other knitters. 

We share information, new ideas and inspiration and if I'm honest? They've saved this week.

Between the anxiety that comes with being a first time mum, a house sale (and ALL the pitfalls and legal wranglings we've had to deal with this week), health issues and endless, endless health check ups, I've felt terribly scared. I've not been wanting to engage with friends in case they ask 'How are things going?' or 'Are you ok?' These questions would have floored me because the answer would have have been 

not. so. great. (and much wailing)

But at 4am at the start of the week, insomnia kicked my butt and I found smiles in twitter friends who also couldn't sleep. We've giggled over so many more things this week from crocheted cocoons to yarn porn. They made me SMILE and lifted me out of the walled defence I put up when I'm gritting my teeth just to get through. I can honestly say, I know some great knitters out there.

Social media makes news spread so fast that sometimes we can barely keep up. This week, it brought back smiles. I must remember that when I'm having a 'shut it down' moment over my twitter or facebook accounts. Sometimes they can just be there to share a smile and a new article you enjoyed. 

Here's one I liked this week:


Miss Elle said...

Yes. I really enjoyed meeting you earlier this year, and I knew you would be awesome. And you were! Hurrah for awesome internet people!

Ness said...

I'm so glad Twitter cheered you up. :) It sounds like it's made a more positive impact on your life than not. I hope things start to look up for you! We internet folk are pulling for you! ;)

Anonymous said...

:::raises TWO glasses of gin and tonic:::

Here's to you, and many more chats my dear - you will be an awesome mum and your spirit is an inspiration.

Stin i yia sas!

:::guzzles both g&t:::



Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the oversharing versus really just needing some supportive listeners. Glad it worked for you

sjanova said...

Any one of those "happenings" would be enough to stress out anybody -- much less two or three or four of them. You're fully entitled to whine (whinge for you, right? ) a good bit. I'm glad some other insomniacs were out there when you needed the support. I'm also looking forward to your having a few wonderful new baby moments that will make it all worthwhile. All meaning what went before and oh yes, adolescence that comes after. It really will!