Friday 10 August 2012

I Remember

I was chatting away to an online friend after listening to her fab new podcast and we soon got into a chat about travelling. Jo is the host of the newly released ShinyBees podcast and currently lives in South Africa. On her podcast she shared some Afrikaans words which immediately made me smile and I excitedly got chatting about wart hogs, braais and Tusker Beer. I grew up with SA friends and have since travelled a far bit of Kenya and North Africa so we had lots to chat about as it seems Jo has also travelled some of Kenya. 

It reminded me I have beautiful images that are so playful and make me smile on rainy days that I should share them here. 

Thanks for reminding me Jo!


Ness said...

Those ARE great photos! Thanks for sharing them.:)

Annie Cholewa said...

They really are gorgeous. A friend is just back from Botswana ... and having seen her photos I am now even more determined that I'll make it to Africa one day. Just not sure how well I'll cope with the heat!

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures! There is something about African children's smiles, they seem to take over their whole face. Love it!