Monday 16 May 2011

Episode 4: To the Point

Show notes:

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Rosmademe guest blog
The Savvy Girls Podcast

Purlescence Yarns. See the offer here 
Knitting events
Knit Nation 15th-17th July 2011
Camp Bestival,  28th-31st July 2011

On and off the needles:
Knee High version remains on hold in  Knit Picks essential kettle dyed. 
Yarn Review
Yarn-To-Knit, superwash/ Nylon sock yarn in the colour way Red Wine

Fly, Fly, Fly by Adrina Thorpe, available on Music Alley
Swing Down by Beau Hall, available on Music Alley
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Anonymous said...

I love your podcasts but I wish there was a way to get captions or a written version of what you're saying. :( Nothing against you and they way you speak, my hearing loss makes listening to podcasts a rather difficult thing. Love the bellehumeur btw.

Anonymous said...

I meant the socks, not the designer's last name. D'oh.

Tanya's Notebook said...

The hankering for designing must be going around since I've been pushing mine to the back of my fully loaded crafty plate. Still I find myself, at times, oddly bored with seemingly so many WIPs in different crafts, to which the spouse is always willing and ready to remind me of. I have been watching and re-watching Rainlover Knits ( Designing Segments for tips & tricks, especailly in the Copyright area!! Also, for painful wrists (and fingers) I've been suggested continental and Irish Cottage style knitting ... something else to put on my to do list. *sighs*