Sunday 14 April 2013


I'm not sure whether its the sudden sunshine, the family holiday we just returned from or the exciting changes from the Playful Baby but I've been feeling super charged today. Today was a good day. I even made a fantastic throw together Cous Cous salad for dinner. Bliss.

Last week we travelled to Dorset to stay in a cottage tucked into the country side with my family. We arrived in brilliant sunshine and felt like we'd got lucky with the weather. We hadn't and we soon realised that we were surrounded by country lanes that were pretty unwalkable with a little one. Still, we ate tons, changed the scenery and I made gin jelly.

During our trip we noticed that Playful Baby was just a little more grown up: sitting a little straighter (with support), reaching more accurately and what's this? Grabbing for food? Where does time go? So we jumped in the car on our return to get supplies and now have a permanent play area and high chair. We have to be extra careful with her tummy but Playful Baby now joins us for each meal even if her activity is still playing with toys at the moment.

Then today finally felt like the weather I've been craving for months. It's been ghastly and when you do so many walking naps to settle a little one, weather pretty much becomes an obsession. Today there were no pram suits and no layers. There was even a jolly sun hat. Pure, pure bliss.

Tonight I'm going to finish a little hat design I've made up. I went on a bit of a scrap challenge again while I was away. I quite like this game and will share the results soon.

Happy Sundaying!

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Kirsty said...

Gosh, time flies. Glad you had a nice holiday.