About Me

Who is A Playful Day? A podcaster and blogger with skills in writing, editing and social media development. 

What is Aplayfulday.blogspot.com? It is a playful place that attracts fellow crafters, yarnies and small dogs. It's playful because that's what life should be. 

Other projects? When not podcasting and blogging, Ms. Playful also writes for both online and print publications as well as freelancing as an editor and business support. With considerable experience in editing and social media development, she's a bit handy with a project too.

Examples of A Playful Day professional projects?

Support can range from web copy, blogging and maintaining social media communication to planning a Collection release or editing and creating copy for a project.

Collaborations have included Fyberspates, Susan Crawford, The Uncommon Thread, Lisa Mutch (Northbound Knitting), Woolly Wormhead, Kelly Rennie Cookbooks, Craft Candy and many more. For information of help with your project or business, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

To contact Ms Playful or keep up to date with her heroics, please see the contact pages

For enquires and information, why not check the 'Come Play With Me' page or check the FAQS?

What people are saying:

"Thanks to my involvement and sponsorship, I've had increased sales, shop traffic, and met some wonderfully creative and lovely people."- show sponsor, Northbound Knitting

"Utterly charming"- Colleague and fellow podcaster Hoxton Handmade

 "I want to give you a cuddle for being such a warm, lovely, intelligent and amusing young woman..." - review from a listener

"She made valuable contributions to the pattern, including proofreading for style and errors and suggesting wording and placement of text, helping make the instructions easy to follow and hopefully, one of my best patterns yet."  - knitwear designer, Robin Ulrich

Press for the Podcast/ Blog:

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Press for Services: 

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