Monday 27 January 2014

My Apple

They say an apple never falls far from the tree. As I stood watching the Playful Tot this afternoon I smiled at how similar we are. Sometimes watching your child is like watching yourself in motion.

It's been a really busy few days. We've been very social and the house has had a constant stream of guests. The phone rang for more guests in the future. It was busy. 

This morning we charged out the door, late and groggy from not enough sleep. We got shopping and snacks sorted, booked appointments then did the weekly swim class before screeching back across London in time for my little  mermaid's nap. 

She woke contentedly and chattered away at me as she cuddled awake (we must always cuddle, there are rules I'm more than happy to abide by). Then she was done. She clambered off to read through a pile of books..... Build blocks and some activity that involved shouting into cardboard tubes then peering curiously down them. 

She was completely lost in activity. I smiled because faced with so much busy and social time there's nothing I like better than to withdraw into quiet activity too.

She's going to be a knitter. I can feel it.

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