Friday 25 January 2013

A Note

The tax return is done and I celebrated with a big fat raspberry blown at HMRC. Ahem

I was all set to get blogging and podcasting. I even wrote show notes!

However, (and this is a big however), my daughter's needs must come first and right now she needs me. She needs me a great deal. We have some new medication to try to help her but we need time to work out if it is helping her and what I need to do is focus.

So I'll be playing again soon. Just not yet.

Think playful thoughts for us! x


Kesha E said...

Congrats on completing the tax return! Sending encouraging thoughts your way for the Playful Babe's continued adjustment to this big, wonderful world. The right medication/treatment mix will come. Keep the faith. While I don't assume to know the details, my little guy came right on time, but much earlier than expected, was a little over a pound, and after a long hard road he is thriving.

We miss you, but as long as you have the best intentions to return, take your time and focus your energy on your amazing babe. Enjoy the ride, and we'll wait. Just think of how much richer the podcast and blog will be upon your return.

moleymakes said...

Well done on your tax returns! I hate doing those so I get them over and done with by May/June.

First babies are always a shock to the system and early babies can be a worry.

My third, and last child, was 4 weeks early. He weighed 4lb 13oz and was no bigger than a Tiny Tears doll. I was very surprised for both of us to be allowed home within 18 hours though. He did have problems with his nasal air passage. Poor thing was always bunged up and snotty ;) He turned 18 on Monday, how time flies.

You take whatever time you need m'dear. Little Green Triangle needs her mummy and that is more important than recording a podcast. I'm sure we're all quite happy to wait till things have settled down a bit for you both xx

Fruitful Fusion said...

It's great to hear from you but oh yes, baby definitely needs you. Hoping the medication helps her and wishing her the very best x

Jennifer said...

Best wishes to you all. the health and well being of you and your family must always come first. Here's hoping all is well soon.

C├ęcile said...

Your family comes first. Never feel you are letting anyone down by tending to your own needs or those of your loved ones. In this case it is a little one who has no one but you, so yes take care of her. And congrats on getting the tax return done. Take care,