Friday 12 October 2012


Oh boy I hate missing deadlines. By deadlines, I largely mean those I set myself. I am something of a perfectionist about certain things- perhaps you've noticed? I want things done a certain way to make ME happy and the podcast and blog have always been a few of them. The fact that other people like them too is just brilliant and now I feel I have to keep a certain momentum going.

The last few wobbly weeks have meant the recording schedule got all kinds of squiffy which is not a problem for some folks but is for others. I can only apologise and reassure you that it's driving me mad too. I suspect what is going to happen is the blog will become a little busier as I move news over to here and recording becomes once monthly. I'm not sure. I know this Sunday's won't happen as I am recovering from the third infection, a chest infection, and sound like a snot monster. I am a snot monster though so that makes sense. 

So what I'm rambling on about is the fact I don't have a set schedule for the podcast anymore but I do LOVE to podcast and blog so I'm not fading. Just taking a little more time to get to the end destination that I wanted. Features and episodes will happen, when they happen. They make me happy when they do and hopefully it'll be an added bonus to whichever day they fall on for you. This is something I can maintain with little one's arrival too so it's kind of a good habit for the moment: each day as it comes. I'll let you know when things get more settled and I feel able to say 'THIS IS A PLAN'. I like a good plan, especially if it involves gin, cake or knitting.

So stay well and keep playful! Also, keep an eye on here over this weekend for a post about a rather yummy book I'm reviewing as part of a blog tour..... it's a goodie!


Evelyn said...

I love lists and deadlines, too, but every now and then, it's liberating to "let go." You know that we'll all be here when you next feel able to pick up the mic again!

penelope10 said...

Do what you comfortably can! I enjoy your podcast no matter what.
Oh by the way, I have had yarn put aside to do that cute cowel that was in the magazine "Knit Now".
A christmas gift to me!!
Penny xx

moleymakes said...

Listen, you've had a lot on your plate lately and pretty soon you'll have your hands full with a tiny green triangle.

Just do what feels best and right for the moment x