Saturday 5 May 2012

A Different Kind of Recipe

Some time ago I submitted an article idea to Knit Now magazine that involved the rebirth of the scrap and its many uses. Since hexipuffs became the addiction de jour for many knitters, I was intrigued why scraps had been so maligned for so long. I wanted to write about it. 

There was one hitch: I had to include a pattern to go with the article. Now I know a fair amount about construction, technique, and many technical aspects of knitting. I know what I like. I like to experiment with patterns. I help edit patterns and I know how involved the design process is, what it takes to be a designer.

A designer I am not. 

So I proposed a 'recipe' in a tribute to Elizabeth Zimmerman. She was the mistress of a few details and careful things to consider and letting the knitter have their fun. Being a playful kind of girl, I approve and felt this was probably more within my reach. So this month, Knit Now features an article and recipe for mixing up colours in a Scrappy Cowl

The yarn is a lovely scrunchy aran weight from the wonderful Superknits called Catherine and is featured in Chasing Pavements and That Bar In Tokyo but can be knit in pretty much any weight. The article helps you choose colour and check out what you have as a scrap and the rest is down to a little playful imagination. 

I have been chastised for not calling this a design but I am firm in my belief that one project does not a designer make. I am also firm that writing down what you did is not the same as constructing something from an informed design process. I prefer recipe. I like anything that sounds yummy.

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Amber said...

Why does that kid look like he's about to cry?

On the other hand, congrats on the pattern!