Saturday 10 December 2011

A Holiday Special: Christmas with Hoxton Handmade

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Happy holidays to all the podcast listeners out there! Here's a special episode to listen to while finishing those holiday knits and sipping some festive mulled wine. Cheers!

You can find the wonderful Hoxton Handmade and links to her podcast here on the Hoxton Handmade Blog (beware the sheep)

Recipe for Mulled Wine:
1 bottle of red wine
60g demerara sugar
Heat these in a large pan before adding a cinnamon stick, bay leaf and a few cloves.
Just before serving, add a healthy slug of Sloe Gin
Garnish with a mince pie in the other hand.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Book

Silent Night by Darrell Smith, available on Music Alley
Deck The Halls with We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Doug Boldt, available on Music Alley
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Unknown said...

Thank you ladies! I smiled the whole 48 minutes and my cheeks are sore but it was worth it. I laughed out loud when Hoxton said Malabrigo was made of buttered kittens and greentrianglegirl wondered if she had to surrender her passport because she doesn't listen to the queen's speech. Sounds like you two had a fun time. Happy holidays to you both.

MaryjoO said...

Enablers! Not 2 minutes into the show, I had to go fetch sticky candy to eat ... and then promptly got it on my wooden knitting needles whilst knitting. But thanks for such a fun time, and yes, perhaps we can all send you a list of "who" we want "in the barn". You then need to set up a bar/coffee bar inside for all of us, w/the "famous" knitters on a stage, knitting furiously away for us. Great discussion also of Xmas family traditions ....:)
best for the holidays!