Saturday 24 September 2011

Episode 13: To Seattle.... with love xx

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Show notes:
Donation giveaway:
A set of Stitchcuddles stitchmarkers from Stephcuddles and a skein of Malabrigo sock yarn in the colourway terracotta 802 for any donation or contribution towards the podcast.

Shops reviewed in Portland:

Podcasters Delite
Aplayfulday has been enjoying the soothing, melodic tones of the Fluffy Fibers podcast. 

Munch, Burp, Schlurp
Aplayfulday recommends 'The Vegetable Dishes I can't live Without' by Mollie Katzen., author of the Moosewood Cookbook. 

Fly, Fly, Fly by Adrina Thorpe, available on Music Alley
Effects of Sunshine by 880 South , available on Music Alley
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1 comment:

Trekky said...

That veggie book sounds great, thanks for sharing.

I think i've been to yarn garden & twisted, you are right that you just can't compare US yarn stores to UK ones, the set up is completely different.

Chickens in Portland... That really doesn't surprise me! Have you seen Portlandia?

It is very funny & so true!