Monday 25 July 2011

Episode 9: Knit Nation 2011 Round Up

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Show notes:

Show Sponsor Superknits skein of Bessie in Kate Bush! WINNER:   Trekky
Podcast donation and contribution winner of 2 skeins of fine alpaca from Purl Alpaca Designs: The Pagan Knitter

Knitting events
Donation giveaway:
Sock knitter's kit= 4 skeins of Drops Fabel, 2 sets of stitch markers. 1 sheepy set from The Lollipop Stop and 1 set with clip stitch marker from a Little Bit Sheepish.

Knit Nation features:

With yarn love for: The Yarn Yard,, Coldharbour Mill, Socktopus and Krafty Koala.

Fly, Fly, Fly by Adrina Thorpe, available on Music Alley
 by , available on Music Alley
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Anonymous said...

Yaaaaay, thank you for making me feel like I've been to Knit Nation! I have to say the end was my favourite, hearing Lily Kate... I've been following her Mom's blog for such a long time and I even test-knit one design for Lily, it's so nice to hear her voice now!

Trekky said...

Sounds like Knit Nation was great fun. Thanks again for the skein of Bessie - it is very squishy!

ps) the peak of the sugar high in the marketplace made my guinea pigs star purring away at each other! :)

Sachertort said...

I just started listening to your podcast based on recommendation from Hoxton Handmade. I was not disappointed. What a place to start, KNIT NATION! It was great to hear all of your podcast friends and to feel like I was there, even though I am in incredibly hot and sticky Maryland USA. I will get over to ITunes to give you a good review.