Friday 14 January 2011

When do we talk politics?


The premise behind this blog was always intended to be playful: recipes, stories, pictures, KNITTING and so on. I wanted a happy spot that was quaint and twee and I didn't mind if anyone read just because it's nice to put some positive out there. Ok, I do admit, I like it when I know people are reading. It is a nice feeling.

However, I'm feeling less than playful today. It's a growing sense that I have NO VOICE and that increasingly, I am unable to perform in my job due to the number of dramatic cuts to frontline services (yes I know Mr Cameron, you've made no frontline cuts but my daily experience is proving otherwise so change that line please). I thought long and hard about my vote last summer as I knew so much needed to change in the UK and indeed the world. I felt I made the right choice, the only choice and now.... well, now I'm not enjoying what I am experiencing everyday as a direct result of my and many others vote.

However, before I begin to explain why and throw my opinions out there I have to pause and say 'Is this the time and place?' Sure, politics are in every part of our lives: house prices, schools, job market and safety on the streets. We can't escape it whether we take note or not. BUT is a playful blog the place to express this particular burning issue? A political blog certainly. But a crafty, daydreamy blog?

In Sex and The City Style I am going to throw a question out there: When do we talk politics?


Ashleigh Pie said...

I know exactly what you mean, we all have things that get under our ski. However tempting it is to try to keep your blog playful, one thing to take into consideration is that your readers like to know a lot about the kind of person you are, including annoyance at the current government. Or many that's just me...

cobweb said...

It's YOUR blog, write about what you want to!

A Playful Day said...

Interesting isn't it- that this post got a few responses. It's obviously in a lot of peoples' minds at the moment. I know I've never had so many debates at lunch time. Definitely makes you think.