Thursday 16 December 2010

Monster Sandwiches

Ok let's be very clear here, while this is a playful blog, I take my food very seriously. I mean really, why wouldn't you? I've met those people who shrug and say 'Food is just substance to me, I'd take a pill if I could' and quite frankly they scare me.

So here's instructions for weekend sandwiches. Not the weekday ones when you're in a rush and aim cheese at a half buttered peice of bread and pack the avocado to lob in later. No, I mean the indulgent ones where you cook parts and nibble on crisps while you assemble them. I mean MONSTER SANDWICHES.

Instructions for Monster Sandwiches:

1. Using preferred method of ambling (bike or foot), take ipod and camera and pootle down to that bakery that's a little more expensive than you can really afford and buy some sort of rye/ wholegrain/ pumpkin or something or other loaf that smells incredible in your hands as you pootle about for the morning.

2. Repeat exercise at farmer's market: pick something lush and green and something red to go in monster sandwich.

3. Get home and whack some bacon under the grill while you slice beef tomatoes (my red choice), rinse spinach (my green choice) and nibble on kettle chips.

4. Hum contentedly as you pat off excess fat with a paper towel and layer the bacon with tomato, spinach and shavings of parmesan on top of the yummy sliced bread. At this point, congratulate y
ourself on splurging on this over the weekend rather than the trashy mag, it'll make you feel saintly). 5. Dollop some pesto mayo in there for good measure and serve with juice and crisps.
6. Devour.

Here's another pic just for good measure.


PJ said...

May I skip step 1 and make my own bread?

The rest I will CERTAINLY apply though! :D

A Playful Day said...

Well, I haven't had MY bread machine delivered yet!!!