Friday 29 October 2010

Slam dunk the funk

I did it. Yes. Yes I did.

I beat the funk

Don't believe me? How's this for proof?I did that. I made a Haruni all by myself. Ok, that's technically a lie as I needed someone to save me when I ran out of Wollmeise in Spice Market, someone to cheer me on when I was crying because I couldn't fix the broken row (thanks to the many shoulders I cried on that week) and a lovely knit buddy to help me block it when I was frightened I would die from a pin overdose death.

I love it, so, so, much.


ewenique said...

This is interesting. I'm working on this at the moment, also using Wollmeise and a plain stockinette body.

At the time were you relatively new to knitting or does hell lie ahead for any poor, unsuspecting soul foolhardy enough to knit this?

yours is gorgeous in spice market. I was torn between Spice market and Kurbis and went for Kurbis. Now I wonder if I made the right choice...

A Playful Day said...

Hello- I only just found your comment! I haven't been knitting that long- only 2 years? I'm not a 'lace' person either. So this was a stretch for me at the time. The pattern is quite chatty too and I need clear and to the point with patterns.

Kurbis will be stunning!