Sunday 13 March 2011

South London Wonder

It's definitely a slow and sleepy morning this morning. The South London exploration was indeed, fun but I am tired tired tired this morning. 

The invite outlined our itinerary for the day:
We'll be meeting in Brixton Village Market in Brick Box.
The walk will snake through Ruskin Park, go through some of the more scenic parts of Peckham, en route to Deptford Flea Market. If there is sufficient energy to continue we'll push on through Greenwich to Woolwich ferry which will be the final destination. 

That's about a 9 mile walk, with 30 odd people and stopping en route for activitities. Such as:
More libraries to save
Games of Pass The Parcel in the park with some very suspect drinks

Lunch at The Train- a cafe inside a train
Dancing to reggae
And some pubs, Mexican food and.... suddenly it was all quite late

We didn't make it to Woolwich......

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