Wednesday 2 March 2011

Introducing: September Yarns

This time I'm introducing a very talented yarn dyer and blogger. September yarns was launched last year in a hail of stunning colourways that quite frankly made me dribble more than a little. Her professional and creative attitude is evident from her etsy site which is clean, clear and more than a little inviting. With descriptions that start 'A cool blue wading pool' before moving into the nuts and bolts of what you're getting, you get the distinct impression that this person enjoys colour and yarn. Which, I assure you, she does.

What are your favourite hobbies?
Believe it or not, knitting! I sometimes fantasize about taking days off work and finishing every project I have on the needles and starting more. Or when I’m not as proactive - dumping all my yarn out on my bed and playing with color combos. Because while I’ve only done one colorwork project, I still look at everything as potential colorwork!
I’ve also been known to play a video game or 3, and not your stereotypical “girl” games. I can block you out in Tetris, or I can stick you from above in Halo.
Favourite Childhood Game?
I was often found curled up with a library book (Nancy Drew or Ramona), and when I wasn’t doing that I was usually playing with my brothers toys. His toys were much more fun than mine (I was never one for dolls), so we would build massive cities with Waffle Blocks and Legos and run our Hot Wheels through them! On a slightly related tangent, I asked him a couple years ago if he remembered anything from the Loma Prieta earthquake (since he was 1 at the time), and he distinctly remembered Waffle Blocks and Hot Wheels, which we were playing with when it hit.
I was never too crazy about going outside when younger. I sunburn easily and wind messes up my hair.
Where do you find inspiration?
I love looking at architecture - it’s amazing to me that so many years ago, people were able to figure out how to make a 100 story building stay standing, or build a bridge across 2 points of land and over roaring currents, or determine what weather conditions or potential situations their structure would have to face, and at the same time make it beautiful and unique looking.
I love nature. The ocean, sunsets, cliffsides, redwood forests, a twisted oak tree.
I love the juxtaposition of the 2. A lighthouse balanced atop a rocky cliffside - it tells the story of both better than either could do on their own.
Are you an early bird or midnight owl?
I like waking up early to get the boring stuff out of the way, and having fun in to the night. If there isn’t boring stuff to do that day? I’m sleeping in until 10.
Comfort Food of choice?
CHEESE! Cheese on a cracker or baguette, with a glass of wine - THAT’S what I really want after a particularly rough or a particularly successful day at work.
When you daydream, where do you tend to end up?
Somewhere warm, with knitting, a beverage, and peace. It might be a beach, it might be my bed with the heated sheets, it might be the balcony of a cruise ship, but it’s always comfortable.
Why September yarns?
I fell in love with yarn shortly after learning to crochet, and very quickly wanted to participate in every stage of the process. I started September Yarn when I threw some things in a dyepot and realized that they came out looking actually quite nice, and thought I would share the love while continuing to work on my technique and blending different colors and layers. At some point I would like to add handspun to the lineup, but so far I haven’t been able to throw a spindle and some fiber together and have it come out looking quite nice. ;)


Amber said...

I've gotten my grubby little hands on this yarn. It's amazing. ♥

yodafatkitty said...

Wow, very nice blogger! I will check out her site as I'm always ready to get more yarn!

PJ said...

I wish I had nicer coconuts, but I guess you have to work with what nature gives you. ;P

Thank you for featuring me! I feel so famous!

Ness said...

What beautiful colors!

A Playful Day said...

Glad to enable ladies! xx