Tuesday 8 February 2011

New Starts

I've been this flurry of knitting. I finished another pair of Toastys and cranked right on to make a matching hat. The pattern is by the lovely Jared Flood who I swear is one of the best pattern writers out there. His style is not too chatty but it's informative and you get what you need in order to best execute the pattern.

Like jogless stripes
- Check those bad boys out!

It was so much simpler than any instructions I'd read before. You basically work your new round of colour as normal (catching the old yarn with the working yarn to prevent holes). When you are ready to start the second round you take your right hands needle and lift a loop from the old round and old colour below. You then knit this as if K2tog with what would have been the next stitch. The pattern is Turn a Square and it's so fast and fun. I love these intuitive patterns and once again the Malabrigo was like knitting with buttered kittens. YUM

I did finish something else but again I'm wondering into spoiler territory for friends who read this blog so as soon as they know, you'll know. The general theme has been very unselfish though hasn't it? I mean, 3 FOs and none are for me.
See this moutain of new possibilities? Only one is for me: the ongoing Cedar Leaf Shawlette (Alana we love you!). I've got milestone birthdays and pregnancies coming out of my ears! I'm normally more selfish but I've been so grateful to friends and family this last year I feel I just have to give something super special and generous.

The beady eyed amongst you undoubtedly noticed this little bag. Isn't that fabric adorable? It's made by a girl from my knit group from the Lollipop Stop. Go check her out, just save me a robot tote ok? There's always room for more robots....

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