Saturday 19 February 2011

Morning is broken


Morning all. I should not be up. Nope. It is a Saturday and these are made for lying sleepily under one's duvet, tangling feet with the man beast and finally giving in to the idea of getting up for coffee. I've been up for nearly 40 minutes and there's no coffee.


The upstairs neighbour has the squeakiest door EVER. Really. It's like some kind of Chinese torture device, slowly creaking open then screeeeetching shut. I can hear it now. It's not a couple of times either, it's over and over again at 7.20 every morning. I couldn't block it out this morning. Then I started to listen to the rain that had been so comforting last night but this morning is driving me nuts. Oh and there's a bird chirping repeatedly which again, I should be joyful as it signifies Spring. But I'm not. I am thinking I want fresh pie.....

So I'm up and deciding what to do. I have plans to make Breakfast muffins and I've photoshopped yesterday's pictures. I'll share some of those with you instead of throwing myself under the sofa with all the cushions on my ears as I'm tempted to with THE DOOR GOING AGAIN. I will have to concentrate very hard though, I'll warn you now. 

Yesterday I took the camera out on the way to the grocery store. I'd spent all mornign joyfully reading blogs and I had the next You Capture challenge in mind (it's something srtarting with L FYI). We are blessed with some truly beautiful libraries in Islington and I wanted to capture them and write a feature about the threat they are under (for a look at how people are trying to support try here). 

I snapped away thinking how sad and awful it will be to lose these fantastic resources and even more horror struck by the idea that they'll become another vacant London building , falling into further disrepair because no one has the money to preserve a vacant building. I watched families pouring in and out, adults stepping purposefully in to make use of the free internet access and language groups and thought about the parenting/ story telling/ sign and sing groups that are drying up as both Children's Centres and libraries are scrapped under our dear new government. Oh no Cameron, I completely agree with you when you tell us to 'grow up' about the cuts. I can see we're just being childish about wanting to encourage community learning FOR ALL not just your elitist academies that will suck teaching talent dry. Gotcha. 
So I'm snapping away, a little peeved and man beast points across the road next to the library and says 'L is for Latex'. I snap nmy head up from my camera and say 'WHAT?!?!' and follow the direction of his pointing finger. Yup. A latex couture shop right next to the library. Not just one latex shop though..... two. Uh huh. 
 London is a strange and wonderful place.


ImplausibleYarn said...

So is your plan to make these muffins, pick up a can of WD-40 and go upstairs to broker a negotiation over the squeakiness of the door? That would be my suggestion. Who can say no to fresh baked muffins? 'cuz now I really want some.

A Playful Day said...

I debated it but then I realised I like muffins A LOT. I tried the WD40 but he claims its not him so now I have to knock on all the possible neighbours doors just in case. Before going back and insisting he do something that means I don't have to forever sleep with ear plugs!