Saturday 25 September 2010

You'd invite me..... right?

I was walking back from a meet up with my knit girls today, back across the harbour and docks, looking up a stunning sunset. I was thinking I was satifisfied with my luck in life when I sniffed.... what was THAT???? I smell barbeque food????

The source of the smell was from a party on the dock for the houseboats that moor opposite my house. I've always loved to look out on them, admire their pretty flowers and pet their pooches when they brave crossing across to our side. Until today that is.

I feel left out! They had gazebos, food and beers. They were all looking so rustic in their scarves and stripy tops. I MUST make friends with them before the next party. My housemate informs me that this is a fairly regular event and no, he has never befriended them so we can't crash today (there may be reasons for this but in the interests of a harmonious household I won't comment on my housemate's social calender).

I am now working out how to infiltrate them. Given my lack of boat, this could prove tricky I'm guessing.


Spundun said...

Hmmm, definitely infiltrate their ranks, maybe learning naval or pirate speak might help?

A Playful Day said...

I like your thinking. I will purchase some kind of hook and eye patch combo tomorrow. It might prove tricky in Canary Wharf but think of the reward!