Tuesday 21 September 2010

Update on the knitting funk

I've had the strangest few weeks with knitting. First, there was the knitting funk- I just couldn't get anything done. I was working on a gift that I wasn't enjoying- a recycled linen basket liner. The giftee was so sweet, very eco warrior so I enjoyed sourcing just the right materials for her practical home gift. I can honestly say, I cannot work with linen. I am a tight knitter and it nearly broke my wrists, I just didn't enjoy knitting for the first time ever.

So I went out and played, moved, socialised and generally left knitting to one side. Then I noticed I was craving makes: listening to podcasts, buying yarn (oops) and daydreaming about Autumn snuggles. Slowly but surely, knitting has crept back in and now all I want to do is knit. I've been sick too so I can't bring myself to even think about leaving the house when I could stay in and knit on the balcony.

Despite this renewed passion, I'm making limited progress. I seem to have forgotten how to knit! My sock, the lovely
Kimono Sock, (Knitscene, Fall 2008) has been an interesting project. It should be simple and yet I've ripped out twice and then at the weekend realised I had started knitting the gusset inside out?!? It was something I did when I very first learned to knit- knit from the back needles rather than the front. So there's a lot of tinking going on there. Luckily though I'm making it in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Superwash which is sport so it's knitting up a lot faster in my stupidly tight gauge.

Then there's the gorgeous
Haruni in the magical Wollmeise sockenwolle 80/20 in Spice Market. It is simply stunning. I was not at all convinced by the hype around WM when I first cast on; it felt like cotton. I mean, with all that hype I was expecting little cherubs to run round and dance as I knit with it. Yet as I worked the fabric further, I understood. The stitch definition is as incredible as the colours and the fabric just softens and softens the more you work with it. I've gone for a solid body and lace edge for this Haruni as I'm not really a lacy lace girl. Ofcourse, due to the funk and being feverish from flu I've basically knit the same 4 rows 6 times over. I am sure glad for life lines!

More news on casting off and on soon hopefully!

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same about my Wollmeise. But, you've given me hope again! Now, for my wrist to heal and for me to find something to make with it.
Hope you feel better~