Saturday 4 September 2010

Weekends are for giving

This morning I awoke content and feline- I’ve moved and it’s been a massive change. I have Einaudi playing and from my snuggle spot I can see the leaves turning, heralding the start of a new knitting season. I’ll wax lyrical about the houseboats near my house and rant about the crazy suits I have to navigate past in another entry but today, my mind is turning to lunch.

Having moved, I have found myself catching up with friends, dotting here and there and eating out a lot. Plus there’s a new man cub and that always means plenty of eating out (there may be more on that later but let’s not jinx it). So I find myself this morning daydreaming of my favourite lunches and longing for indulgent autumnal treats of comfort food eaten under a light blanket with hand knit socks keeping my toes warm. I thought I’d share one of my favourites.

Twice Baked Tatties


Baking potatoes(King Edwards or Rooster are my favs)

Bacon pre-grilled and cut into chunks

Strong cheddar or parmesan grated. Go by preference here, I load it on so two handfuls suits me.

Cream cheese (again I like to be decadent so I get the kind with garlic and herbs thrown in the mix)

To make:

1. Roast your potatoes on a medium heat (180⁰/ gas mark 4) for an hour and a half approx. I like to scrub mine with a brush to make the skin a bit ‘fluffier’ so it crisps and rub in a little sea salt to make the skin tough but again, go with preference.

2. In the mean time get a large bowl and throw in your cream cheese (I’m not giving amounts, assume gluttony), bacon and a little of the grated cheese for funnsies.

3. Check your potatoes are soft all the way through by inserting a knife through the centre. There should be no resistance other than a crispy skin.

4. Remove from oven and leave till they are as cool as you can handle ( assume I’m impatient and burn my hands a lot). Cut them in half and using a spoon, scoop out the insides into the bowl with the bacon and yummy stuff until you are left with ‘shells’.

5. Mix, mash and generally enjoy making a feast of a mix that is then spooned back into the shells. Load up with your grated cheese and pop back in the oven for about 30 minutes or so.

I substitute anything to this formula. If I’m having a meat free day, gorgonzola and spinach is divine. Enjoy!

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