Sunday 24 November 2013

Blink and it's Gone

Well this week was fast. Really fast. So fast paced and so intense that I just had no time to knit. None. I have had to work every available opportunity.

It was therefore very happily that I realised I needed to take some pictures for some work I'm doing and would have to knit. Sure, I could have just snapped pictures of knitting tools solo but it's so much nicer in projects right? Then I reasoned that if I was knitting up swatches, I might as well be casting on real projects for the next few months.


It seemed perfectly reasonable to me. So with the Playful One dispatched with the Giant I set about knitting and snapping. Sending the little one out was kind of essential given her penchant for my skeins. This is what happens otherwise.....

Yup. Note the blur of rapid movement!

Like mother like daughter right?

I'll fill you in on all the casting on and off I achieved very soon. Right now I need to run. Again. This coming week is looking even more frantic.


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Renee Anne said...

If I take Little Man to the yarn shops, he'll go straight for something I like and bring it to me, hold it up, and ask, "home?" He doesn't say it in a "I want to go home" voice but, rather, "here, Mama, this should come home with us."