Tuesday 12 March 2013

Mothering Sunday

We had our first family commercial holiday. We are not particularly into 'card' holidays but this felt like a pretty important milestone somehow. I wanted to set the tone for what mothering meant to me. I want Playful Baby to grow up with a strong sense of womanhood and if I get a handmade card at some point that's also good!

So I gathered my mum and the giant's mum and we went out to lunch. Perhaps this will become a meal PB and I cook together in years to come but this year cooking was just not an option. I wanted to have a day with all mum's together, celebrating caring for each other in a family. It was lovely.

I also got some rather lovely goodies: sugared almonds and this gorgeous hand thrown yarn bowl from Wendy Fowler Pottery. My favourite though was a little handprint on a special card. Isn't she clever?


moleymakes said...

I still have my very first Mother's Day gift. It's a Best Mum Mug and it's 23 years old.

Sounds like you all had a lovely Mother's Day :)

PixelatedMushroom said...

I saw some sugared almonds at a lolly shop on the weekend and thought immediately of your photo here. Had to resist buying some! Beautiful bowl. No need to reply :)