Thursday 21 March 2013

Many Moments


Can I just extend my most heartfelt thanks to every person who reached out after I published my last post? I have had a steady stream of cheer leading, mummy solidarity, personal stories and beautiful words. I'm so lucky to have you all as readers.

The thing that seemed to capture most people was the honesty. I want to be very clear: publishing this was so scary! I felt disloyal not publishing it though. A lack of podcast, recipes, crafting news all felt like a burden I had to confess to but to say it out loud? When other bloggers just seem to be perfection itself?

I hit publish anyway.

I hit it because I would have appreciated this level of honesty. I've been given advice ('oh she's totally aware of what she's doing'), cool indifference ('babies get sick') to unhelpful over optimism ('but being a mum is AMAZING' after 3 days of her screaming in pain in my arms). What I actually wanted was to be listened to and not judged.

I'm glad I wasn't judged here.

For now let's move away from my dark cloud and look at my little ray of sunshine. Its nice to be honest but I need a little distance from the dark too sometimes. So, some sunshine- Isn't she growing so big????


Anonymous said...

Your little ray of sunshine is wearing the happiest of pants!

Craft blogger & podcaster Isabelle over at also took a hiatus (is still on podcasting hiatus, actually) because her playful one, now a year old, had terrible problems with reflux as well.

You are far from alone, in fact, there are more of us out here wishing you well than you probably know what to do with! <3

Liz said...

Thanks for being honest, it's much appreciated.

When I had my first baby I started reading loads of parenting blogs, montessori blogs, etc and in the end they just depressed me with their perfect world and their children who loved the activities their mothers had managed to prepare for them and who never seemed to have tantrums.

My child was/is sweet and lovely and loveable, but he did not want to sit for hours and look at ants or do the lovely activity I had given up my precious free time to prepare. He may or may not be borderline Asperger's, who knows, but that just wasn't the way he rolled and at times I ended up stressing us both out trying to act out the perfect lives that I saw on the blogs, even though I know that they will have had their bad times too, so I stopped reading most of them.

You look after yourself and the Playful family. My second son suffered from breastfeeding colic and possibly reflux and life got a lot easier once he was six months and started on solids. I also find that things get a bit easier once they can talk a bit, but I personally found that first year or two very hard.

Kathy said...

And she's wearing such a lovely sweater!

penelope10 said...