Wednesday 24 October 2012

What to Knit When You're Expecting: A Review

While I was recovering in bed over the last month or so, a rather lovely new book was delivered to my house that made me quite excited to say the least. I'd been contacted by the author Nikki Van Der Car via Ravelry as she knew I was expecting and we discussed reviewing her new book. I will admit when she told me the title I was intially concerned as I'd not got on with the book 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' AT ALL (for those interested I have no desire to be told what to wear that is slimming or why I should worry about my weight pregnant or otherwise). 

What dropped through the door though was nothing short of wonderful. I peeked inside at the beautiful photography and saw lush knits that I would actually want to knit. I often don't want to knit baby or children's patterns as they're not the kind of thing I've been motivated by but here were textures, lace, cables and yummy yarns on some very cute wee ones. I dived in....

'Baby Cozy', (c) Claire Richardson
The book is broken into 3 'trimesters', staggered so the more complex knits that would take longer come sooner in your pregnancy (if that's when you're actually knitting) and the quick, impatient knits are located towards the end when you're a little frazzled and impatient. I liked the idea and the variety that this offered in terms of choice: tv knitting or something I could sink my teeth into. Marvellous. Great for long term knitting as well as last minute gifts for friends who are expecting. 

'Honeycomb', (c) Claire Richardson
The yarns are widely sourced from Rowan to Madelinetosh and Debbie Bliss so there's a mix of affordability, durability and luxury. I liked the choice of yarns offered and the fact that there were gendered clothes in here but also a good mix of non gendered. Even the gendered clothes were not in the usual boring boy blue or princess pink that's become baby uniform in most shops I've visited. I mean, look at this girl's dress, isn't it adorable? 

'Emily Dress', (c) Claire Richardson
The sizes remain within the first year of life which means that this has a relatively short shelf life if you're knitting for a little one but I could easily see this being used as a treasury of gift knitting too so I'm still sold as far as this book goes. I really hope Nikki makes a follow up for toddlers and children as her stylish and homely knitting will be very welcome in this family without a shadow of a doubt. I especially loved the fact that instructions were clear and knitting in the round was an option on garments. For reasons I can never understand, so many children's knits are worked in pieces. This is how I knit and so I trust that I'll get the result I want from my knit. 

'Ike Sweater Vest', (c) Claire Richardson

What am I working on from the book? Well you'll have to stay tuned to find out...... ;)

A huge thanks to both Nikki and the publishers, Running Press for giving me the opportunity to review this book. If you'd like to grab a copy, check out Amazon or check out Nikki's lovely blog for more information.


Renee Anne said...

I'm currently testing a sweater for her and I've made a pattern of hers before. She's fabulous :)

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