Saturday 6 October 2012

It's the Little Things

Things I have loved over the last week: 

Watching a spider knit its' beautiful web. It was a good spider and a good web. Both were fantastic shapes and colours in the morning sun. I could have watched for hours. 

Autumn came while I was tucked away, recuperating inside.I ventured out for a little walk around the garden and there were colours and smells in the air that I adore. I love Autumn and I was sad I wasn't outside when she truly arrived but I liked the presents she left like leaves scattered on the green grass and the waning rays of the sun on my skin as I inspected them.  

Testing my ability to truly get every last bit out of a skein that I can. Emergency knitting needs to be cast on to ensure that I don't have the dread of running out of knits ever again. However, lingering on the details of those last few scrap of skeins was quite decadent and I feel very virtuous now. 

The giant. He's perfect and kept watch over me and little one so well that we stayed safe. I couldn't do this without him. 

My knit best friend. She understood I needed time and some chatter and she was there, as she always is. 

Friends and family. You really do find out how lucky you are when you put the call out for help and so many respond. I am overwhelmed and eternally grateful. Even in the global community of Twitter, people sent messages and well wishes and they were so important to keeping my mood bright. I came out of my shell where I'd hidden out of fear and just embraced each contact. I forget to do that sometimes. 

A new book that fills you with wonder. The words on each page, the characters, the hours lost as you come round and remember you're own setting. 

Safety. A feeling of safety. Nearly there...

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