Tuesday 20 December 2011

Featuring Voolenvine

One of the many joys of podcasting and blogging, is the people you 'meet'. I have been listening to podcasts for years now and was thrilled when Kristin began broadcasting. Pretty soon I was checking out her blog and thinking about the many ways in which you can use colour. This lady is stylish, charming and warm and she's agreed to an interview so that I can share her with all of you! Enjoy! 

Tag, you're it! Take centre stage and tell us who you are. 
Hi There! I'm Kristin, the host of the YarnGasm knitting podcast and blogger behind KnitNook.net! I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with my husband, where I work as a video editor and pretty much spend the rest of my waking hours knitting! I'm also Voolenvine on Ravelry and Twitter. 
You've just created knitnook.net. What is the concept behind this?
There are a few concepts, actually. Me and my husband are moving in several weeks-- but before biting the bullet, we tried to make our current place "work."

I  played with the idea of giving up my knitting room *gasp!* and carving out a smaller knit nook for myself in a larger room-- (Possible? Yes. Functional? No-- on both our ends, really. So we're moving! Yay!) 

Anywho, before the realization, I was browsing Etsy and Pinterest for nook ideas and was really inspired! I thought about posting my ideas, finds and things I like on my personal knitting blog, Voolenvine.com but I saw these potential posts developing into another kind of blog. Then I kept thinking about the name, "Knit Nook"… I couldn't get it out of my head! I just love the sound of it! So, I got the domain and the rest is history! 

Now that KnitNook.net has had a little time to grow, I have a better idea about where I want to take it. The combination of stash organization ideas, decor, design, interviews with other inspiring knitters, spinners, dyers, podcasters, etc.,--  I want it to be a place for other knitters to visit  so they can be inspired, get ideas and even share their own!  I really enjoy the interviews... I learn something new each time, and find it so fascinating that in a world of so many professions and lifestyles, we all have knitting in common!
As well as blogging, you also host a successful podcast, how did that come about?
First, it was 'KnitPicks', then I discovered 'Electric Sheep'… then 'Knitmore Girls'… and then 'Here's To Ewe!'… It was a domino effect. This podcast thing was so new to me, and so exciting that I wanted in on the fun!
However, it was a little difficult at first. Mainly because I'm not much of a talker. I'm usually a very quiet person and thought podcasting would also help me come out of my shell a bit. 

There were a few times I wanted to put the mic down, but the reviews and the kind messages I received from listeners definitely encouraged me to keep at it and I'm glad I did!
Once I became more comfortable in front of the microphone and had a basic format down it became much easier-- and fun! I really enjoy hearing from listeners and it's nice to know your audience is genuinely interested in what your talking about. I love my family and friends to death but none of them knit. Whenever I get excited or gripe about a project I can't expectcolour them to 'get it'…  The podcast is definitely a great outlet for that!

A noticable theme to your blog and podcast is colour and style, what influences your style and colour choices?
I've always had an appreciation for graphic design. I love playing with different fonts and colour schemes-- Also, I found Pinterest to be particularly inspiring. A majority of my pins are 'For the Home'-- Since I can't exactly pick up a paintbrush and renovate my own apartment (our landlord wouldn't be a happy camper) I channeled these ideas and designed Voolenvine.com and KnitNook.net as if they were real rooms! I wanted them to be inviting, fresh and cozy-- a place that I enjoy visiting! 
What helps keep you playful? 
Hmm… let's see
- Of course, knitting and the amazing community of knitters that follow
- My belief in unicorns
- Glitter (it makes everything better!)
- Only wearing dresses (put me in a pair of jeans and I'm a sad panda. I can't do it. I just can't!) 
- Occasional alone time
- A decent internet connection / cell phone signal
- Ice cream!
- A good glass of Sauvignon Blanc
- Photos of Corgis doing silly things. (see exhibit A)
- Diet Coke… Yes I'm addicted. Yes I know it's probably bad for me. ::head/desk:: 
- Saving the best for last, my husband and best friend, Dennis. He keeps me playful… and sane! (and vise / versa)
One of my favourite things to talk about is food, what is your trademark dish when friends come round?
Good timing! I recently fell in LOVE with my crock pot. I swear, if I didn't have to work, I'd fire this puppy up almost every night of the week! 
For my friends, I'd either have to make them my Spicy Beef Vindaloo, or Chipotle Tacos. I love spicy food! 
I'm a big foodie as well!--  but only cook unless it's quick and easy. During the week it's usually pick a meat and / or veggie…. chop it up and throw it in a pot. As for whether we're having Italian, Chinese or Indian… THAT, my friend, hangs in the sauce. ;) 
But yes… Crock pot FTW! 

What was your favourite childhood game?
I feel silly admitting this, but I really got excited about Duck, Duck… GOOSE! Probably because I enjoyed replacing "Duck Duck Goose" with other words like… "pizza, pizza, pepperoni!"  I was an easily amused child. 
If we're talking teen years, that's a totally different story-- hands down, Dream Phone! Most of the time, it would be Bruce saying, "You're right! I like you!" over that giant hot pink phone. *sigh*
There's a huge knit event, everyone is there, who is most likely to reduce you to a gibbering fangirl and why?
AHH! That totally happened this year at Rhinebeck when I approached Ysolda Teague! (Remember: horrible at making conversation!) I walked up to her and said, "Hi! I'm Kristin. [huuuge creepy grin] I really like your designs! … K bye!) and then just scampered off. I really just want to crawl under a log! Can I have a do-over?
If so, I'd also like to introduce myself to Spilly Jane, Alexis Winslow and Kirsten Kapur.

Share on random fact about yourself that not many people know
I'm going to be 29 next month and I still don't know how to drive a car. Growing up in NYC definitely spoils you with cabs, trains, buses-- and the fact that everything you need is pretty much walking distance. Getting my license is definitely on my to-do list! 

Any closing thoughts?
Thanks so much for the interview! It was fun.


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

great interview! I'm in love with the grey sweater with the fair isle yoke... is there a pattern for it somewhere?

juicyknits said...

Thanks for posting this one. I'm new to both her blogs.

Janet said...

Oh my I really enjoyed this interview. First, you are so good at asking the questions that I want to ask. Love this interview though because I am really taken with Kristin and laughed out loud at the interaction with Ysolda. Liked, oh heck I liked it all.


Unknown said...

*laughs* I grew up in NYC as well and I can't drive. I've since moved to a part of the USA that has almost no public transport and nothing is walkable. I've finally been forced to learn how to drive.

A Playful Day said...

You can find an the stylish projects on her ravelry page right here http://www.ravelry.com/projects/voolenvine

Estella said...

LOVE the corgi photo - we had a corgi when I was young and I can totally see her doing that to a jar of peanut butter.