Thursday 3 November 2011

Storage is not stash.

I've been shopping. Now I know, I know, I'm trying to liberate my stash and I'm trying very hard. This is not stash, this is something even more essential. 

Observe my previous attempts at storage for my notions: leftover wash bags and free storage that comes with interchangeable knit pick sets. Yes, those are crumbs you can see clearly through the cheap plastic. 

It had to go. Just had to. 

Check out this lovely little bit of business. A needle envelope from the ever so talented Undercover Owl. Note it's cute sheepy fabric, perfectly seamed finish and pockets for all by needles and cables. I'm quite enamoured to say the least. I keep inspecting it and finding it quite marvellous. If it did the washing up, I'd propose quite frankly. I feel much better about a storage solution that actually stores what I want, in pockets I can find and tucks away prettily into the stash nook.

And did I mention, it has sheep on it?

Let's enjoy some up close shall we?

What's more it came with a little freebie- a lavender sachet to store with my yarn and keep away moths. Isn't that sock monkey fabric so cute? Sarah informs me that she tries hard to include a different little gift with each purchase and I'm just pleased as punch with mine. Anything this cute that prevents my stash becoming expensive moth food is always welcome in my house.

So there it is, in all it's glory, a considerably improved set of notions storage....

..... what's that? The large bag? Oh yes, there's more reviews to come. Please tune in to the podcast for more information on yet more goodies from the Undercover Owl. Tee hee!

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