Thursday 7 July 2011

Random outburst

Not a rant, just an outburst. 

My nails hurt. Why? Because I've taken to biting them again. REALLY, really badly. Remember I said I wasn't going to anymore? I even had pics to prove my love of nail polish and all things vampy. But since then I started temping and that can be quite a chore. It can be stressful, nerve wracking or worst, just plain boring. I noticed I'd stopped nail painting a while back but when the downpour of interviews started this week I realised I need to find a better and less gross habit as I'm in danger of losing a finger or two. 

Could you all nag me and remind me that  prefer my nails to look like this?


Amber said...


I used to pick and pull the whites (tips) of mine off. I've almost broke it. I do it when I'm super nervous. YOU CAN DO IT!

behind the ivy said...

Ooh, that sounds painful. I used to hate it when I cut my nails too short, and it used to hurt for days until they grew back a bit. Just think of all the pretty colours on your fingers!