Sunday 29 May 2011

Return to life

I've been decidedly 'off' lately. I've kind of hidden from myself, withdrawn from friends and not really done MUCH. Today I broke and shook myself off a bit. I decided there was nothing for it: I need to cook and bake. Food for me is the heart of life. I have been avoiding cooking- always a bad sign.

Peering in cupboards I sensed I wasn't in the right frame of mind or ingredient-enriched position yet so I mooched down to the farmers market and the man and I got as much produce as we could carry. I was so busy buying I forgot to take pics. I know, I know. Like I said, I've not been myself. 

We came home and made an astonishingly good Summer Salad (recipe in tomorrow's podcast). Again, such was my delight at this return to all things delicious I forgot to take pics.  I did however write it in my recipe journal and thought about how to use the dressing in tomorrow's lunch (warm new potato salad I think- YUM)!

Next came toasted walnut and pesto bread. It's in the machine as we're heading out and I wanted to be sure I had a loaf and had time to bake something sweet. 

About that something sweet......

Bread flour does not provide a substitute for the100g that is missing from the needed wholemeal flour. So you know.

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Ursa said...

So happy you are "back" :-)

Looking forward to the new podcast.