Sunday 22 May 2011

Being playful despite the end of the world

Well if happened, I got left behind. So apparently I get to watch the zombies and jaguars. Brilliant.
Faced with the end of the world, there seemed like no better option than grabbing a picnic and taking a road trip to the coast. I've been staying with my family this weekend so have had the joy of rat babies, OTL and the man all to myself alongside my family. It's been nothing short of bliss.
Oh sign of joy
We headed South, winding our way through pretty villages where countless cricket matches were coming to an end. On the way we made a detour to Lurgashall Winery, purveyor of alcohol goodness. Between the sloe gins, Walnut liquers and Elderflower wines, I was convinced the Rapture had indeed happened and we were in heaven. I picked up some Sloe Gin (ofcourse) and some Rose Petal wine which I'm told is great in Cava for a refreshing Summer cocktail. I nearly squealed with excitement when she announced that they were launching new lines soon: chilli vodka, blueberry liquer and banana rum- HELLO!

Then it was back in the car to our favourite stretch of beach: West Wittering. As always OTL was delighted and despite the old creeping in, he managed a few frantic dashes and we played in the sands just like last year.

He wasn't the only one playing of course...

Nor was he the only excited one

I remember that looking a lot more graceful when I was 5.....
We put Charlie back for a well deserved rest. I'm convinced he dreamt he was a puppy again, chasing me and finding mountains of tennis balls (as always he found one)

We ate our weight in yummy picnic food, fending off every dog in the area who wanted some (crunchy chicken recipe: take one freshly laid picnic, crufts and half a ton of sand. Mix enthusiastically). Then there was more time to play before it was time to go home.

Stay playful xx 


chemicalika said...

Oooo, chilli vodka sounds gooood!

Looks like tons of fun.

Ness said...

Sounds like an amazing trip! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a gorgeous weekend!

Blueberry liqueur is worth buying, because while it's simple to make, it's also maddening - taking around a year to mature, meaning that by the time it's ready to drink, you've built up a great antipathy to it, due to the months it's done nothing but been a smug, bland, gloriously purple squatter of your biggest jar, in your darkest cupboard.

Anonymous said...

I love the beach I wish I could take a day trip to the beach and just play around XD