Monday 13 January 2014

Ravellenics, Love and the Results.

I absolutely love the Playful Day Group on Ravelry. Something happened this week that totally proved to me that I am lucky enough to have the most awesome listeners and readers that I could possibly hope for.

When I saw a post from a group member, requesting that we register a team for the Ravellenics I was cautious. I want people to feel that they have ownership over the Playful group but this Winter Olympics has the most bitter of flavours and I quietly kept out of discussion lest I spoil the merry making.

Then I saw a brilliant blog post. It actually made me stop everything I was doing, quietly reread it and then said aloud a big, fat 'YES!' Lilith from Old Maiden Aunt Yarns said exactly what I was thinking: I want the fun but how can we party and play when Russia's government is currently allowing systematic violence and hatred against the LGBT community. Not just turning a blind eye, but actively encouraging it. I can't condone violence, I cannot ignore the hurt and pain that others are suffering. This hurt the Russian government is causing its' people doesn't just end there sadly and I for one I'm glad that I am a woman living in London raising a family and not Moscow right now.

Lilith has created fantastic rainbow dyed yarn and pledged to support Stonewall for every completed project and skein bought for her team. I've had the pleasure of working with Stonewall before, and was impressed by their proactive stance on ending discrimination and hatred in schools. They are a remarkable charity and their transparency in the way they run and operate all levels of their organisation is impressive.

I shared the piece on the thread and explained my reservations up until this point and the response was something like this:

Isn't that great? How apt? How Playful AND representative of how I'd like to play this Ravellenics. I was so thrilled.

Instantly pledges began from donations based on total yardage, completed projects or team members. I'm all up for that. So I'm inviting you to come knit something Playful and keep the true spirit of human achievement in the centre of this Olympic season. Let's do this!

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Nelly Kelly said...

Thank you for giving us a way to play... I've been struggling with the same worries. Yet again, the kind hearts and creative spirits of the yarn-y community have come to the rescue!